Planetary nebula astrophotography with William Optics GFT102 & ASI294MC Pro

M57 William Optics GTF 102mm, Televue Powermate & ASI294MC Pro camera

My first serious attempt at imaging M57, the famous “Ring Nebula” with the Williams Optics GTF102mm f6.9 flat filed telescope, a  2X  Televue Powermate and a “one shot colour” astrophotography CCD camera in the imaging train.

The planetary nebula was imaged from a north facing fourth floor balcony in Brisbane (Bortle Class 7), hence we had to content with severe light pollution as well as not being able to properly polar alignment the IEQ30 mount. Guiding was done using an ASI 120 MC / Orion 50mm guide scope combination.The image acquisition software used was SharpCap with an imaging session of  200 * 30 second lights (100 minutes).Calibrated using AstroPixel Processor and final image adjustments in Photoshop

William Optics GT1 102 APO with ASI 294 MC Pro CMOS camera
William Optics GT1 102 APO with ASI 294 MC Pro CMOS camera

M27 Dumbell Nebula with William Optics GT102 f6.9.

Astrophotography Imaging Setup

ASI 294 MCPro CMOS camera.

Gain at 450 (very high so noise is visible)

Camera Temperature 24 degrees

30 Second exposures

Mount:  IEQ 30

Guiding: PHD2 / ASI 120 MC / Orion 50mm guide scope

Imaging sequence: 200 * 30 second subs

Calibration: AstroPixel Processor

M27 single 30 second exposure

Comparing a single image with the final image that has had 200 subs stacked together and calibrated with darks, flats and bias images.

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