Flaming Star Nebula in Hydrogen Alpha: Borg55FL & ASI1600MM camera

Kedron, Queensland - 29 November 2020

Astrophotography of IC 405 and NGC 1893

Hydrogen alpha narrowband imaging using the Antlia 3.5nm HA filter


  • Telescope: Borg55FL with f3.6 field flatenner
  • Camera: ASI1600MM
  • Mount: Avalon M Zero
  • Alignment: compass and a quick drift align using PHD2
  • Acquisition software: NINA
  • Guiding: PHD2 and dither
  • Image: HA 24* 300 secs
  • Gain: 200
  • Temp: 0 Deg
  • Processing: AstroPixel Processor: lights and darks – drizzle
  • Bortle Class 7 site with full moon
  • Location: Kedron, Queensland
  • Date: 29/11/2020

Imaging from my fourth floor balcony observatory in the heart of Brisbane city with a full moon and mega light pollution. Only two hours of total imaging time the result is promising. To reduce the noise,  the gain needs to be reduced to unity, longer subs need to be captured (10-15 mins),  more data needs to be captured and the camera taken to -10 degrees. Each of these objects would be a good individual target for the Borg55FL and ASI183MM camera.

The Flaming Star nebula (IC405) to the left and NGC 1893 to the right.