M33: RASA8 & ASI183MC Pro

Kedron, Queensland - 10 November 2020

Capturing the galaxy M33

  • Telescope: RASA8 and IDAS NB1 Di filter.
  • Camera: ASI183MC
  • Mount: Avalon Instruments M Zero
  • Alignment: compass
  • Acquisition software: NINA
  • Guiding: PHD2 with dither
  • Image: 100 * 30sec
  • Gain: 220, offset 8
  • Temp: 0 Deg C
  • Processing: AstroPixel Processor: lights only & bayer drizzle
  • Bortle Class 7 site
  • Location: Kedron Queensland
  • Date: 10/11/2020

A quick capture and process of the majestic M33 galaxy in the Triangulum constellation. Noise is still visible in the image. Longer subs, lower gain and lower temperature on the camera will fix that. What is more important to me is the accurate star colours.


The RASA8 on the M Zero mount prior to the ASI183MC camera being attached. Note the small northern sky that is my viewing window.

Rosette nebula captured with RASA8 and ASI183MC camera