NGC 5128: RASA8 & ASI294MC Pro

Curramore, Queensland - 27 June 2020

Capturing Centaurus A aka NGC 5128

  • Telescope: RASA8
  • Camera: ASI294MC Pro
  • Mount: CEM40
  • Alignment: PoleMaster
  • Aquisition software: SharpCap
  • Guiding: none
  • Image: 35 * 30 sec subs
  • Gain: 120
  • Temp: 0 Deg C
  • Processing: AstroPixel Processor: lights only
  • Bortle Class 2 site
  • Location: Curramore Queensland
  • Date: 26/6/2020

Centaurus A (also known as NGC 5128 or Caldwell 77) is a galaxy in the constellation of Centaurus. It was discovered in 1826 by Scottish astronomer James Dunlop from his home in Parramatta, in New South Wales, Australia. There is considerable debate in the literature regarding the galaxy’s fundamental properties such as its Hubble type (lenticular galaxy or a giant elliptical galaxy)[9] and distance (10–16 million light-years).[2][3][4][5][6] NGC 5128 is one of the closest radio galaxies to Earth, so its active galactic nucleus has been extensively studied by professional astronomers.[12] The galaxy is also the fifth-brightest in the sky,[12] making it an ideal amateur astronomy target,[13] although the galaxy is only visible from low northern latitudes and the southern hemisphere. . Wikipedia
Also visible in the photography are two other galaxies, NGC 5011 and NGC 5090. Try to find these two galaxies is easier on the high resolution  NGC 5128 photograph on my Flickr site as they are not so easy to see in the compressed version.

NGC5128 captured with RASA8 and ASI294Mc Pro
Close up of NGC5128 captured with RASA8 and ASI294Mc Pro
NGC5128 captured with RASA8 and ASI294Mc Pro