NGC 3372: William Optics GT71 & ASI182MM Pro

Kedron, Queensland - 4 July 2020

Capturing the great Carina Nebula in HOO

The gem of the southern skies
  • Telescope: William Optics GT71 with FF6A2
  • Camera: ASI183MM Pro
  • Mount: CEM40
  • Alignment: PoleMaster
  • Acquisition software: Nebulosity
  • Guiding: PHd2
  • Image: 10 * 120 sec subs HA and 10 *180 sec subs O3 Antlia 3.5nm filters
  • Gain: unknown
  • Temp: ambient
  • Processing: AstroPixel Processor: lights, darks, flats and darks flats
  • Bortle Class 7 site
  • Location: Kedron, Queensland
  • Date: 4/7/2020

My first attempt at narrow band imaging using the 3.5nm Antlia filters and the results are impressive. There was a full moon around Scorpius but it had no effect on the imaging session. Lots of wind so many lost sub exposures and issues with the ASIair not working properly. I think the reason is an inadequate power supply, ie the voltage is not high enough.

Carina Nebula William Optics GT71 and ASI183MM Pro camera