Astrophotography equipment

The tools of the trade. Equipment used by OctansLab Including telescopes, mounts, cameras, computers and software

This is a list of the equipment I use for imaging the objects in the night sky. Documenting all the various specifications for easy access.

Astrophotography Tracking Mounts

Sky Watcher Star Adventurer

  • Configuration – Star Adventurer & Olympus OM 300mm F4
  • Configuration – Star Adventurer & Sigma EF 20-700mm F2.8



  • Celestron RASA 8
  • William Optics GTF102mm f6.9
  • William Optics GT71
  • Borg55FL

Astrophotography & mirrorless cameras

  • ASI 294 MC
  • ASI1600 MM
  • ASI183MM
  • Panasonic GH5-S


  • NINA – image acquisition
  • SharpCap
  • CDC
  • All Sky Plate solver
  • PHD2